Manhunt 1

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Video Description: Corbin Michaels and Andy Hunter are a hungry boyfriend team looking for a third. They find a hot stud on Manhunt to tag team, but Corbin overheats while waiting for him to show up. He immediately busies himself with a mouthful of Andy's long, hard cock. As if to let Corbin know what his ass is really in for, Andy starts to thrust the length of his tool down Corbin's throat as he slides his fingers in and out of the hungry hole waiting at the other end. Andy finally moves around to give Corbin's ass what it deserves, slamming his rock hard dick all the way in and out with the speed of a mechanical bull, which really gets Corbin hollerin'. He then climbs on top to ride it himself but Andy is relentless, piston pumping his ass from underneath! Finally Felipe Carson arrives with his fat, uncut piece of meat. But these boys are mainly interested in using the stud's holes. They take turns plugging him from either end until Corbin climbs up and sits on the third's face. This is too much for Felipe and he squirts his spunk across his chest and stomach. The other two are not far behind him and Andy manages to shoot across both of the sweaty muscleboys.

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