King Size

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Video Description: Get ready to see Hot House favorite Mike Roberts like never before when Exclusive Kyle King gets down on his knees and sucks Roberts' fat uncut cock. King's expert oral attention gets Roberts so hard he throws King on his knees and fucks him doggie style. Josh West joins the duo, bringing his truly King Size tool to the action. He nudges Roberts out of the way and plunges his 10+ inches into King's hole. Roberts begins to fuck King's face, filling the young stud from both ends. Roberts pulls out and blows his load on King's back, leaving West to finish the job. West spins King over and jacks his ass open, shoving his huge cock deep into King's tight end. West works up a sweat pounding King's ass, reducing King to a moaning, whimpering pig bottom. West takes a turn at King's mouth, fucking his face while King jacks off. King shoots first, followed by West, who coats King's face in thick white cum.

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