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Video Description: Sentenced to four years in prison, Shane finds himself confronted one day by his new cellmate, whom he recognizes as the drug dealer (Trevor Knight) who planted the drugs on him. The two begin to fight it out in the cell but Shane easily overpowers him. Shane whips out his cock and stuffs it into the back of Trevor's throat not knowing that they are being watched by one of the guards (Mike Roberts). The guard surreptitiously pulls out his giant dick and begins to slowly stroke it while Shane continues to face-fuck Trevor. While the guard blows his wad on the prison floor, Shane smothers Trevor's face with his asshole and makes him suck it. Shane finally flips the punk on his stomach and takes his revenge on his tight puckered up butthole. Shane unleashes all his internalized anger on the stud's butthole with a ferocious nailing, his giant bull nuts slapping his cheeks with each thrust. Shane wants some of the prize-winning 11-inches of meat hanging down between Trevor's legs and gets the boy to fuck him back in return. The energy between these two veterans is unbeatable - we're convinced it's the highlight performance of their careers. Trevor's cumshot is also truly unreal: 16 giant squirts of cum shoot way up onto Shane's chest. Fucking hot!

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