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Video Description: In Scene 3, Toby meets with his lawyer Larry Mangiaforte (Ty Hudson), a greaseball public defender who promises to get Toby sequestered in the infirmary, away from the dirty cops and cellmates who've been attacking him. When Toby explains he has no money for this extra bit of service, Larry quickly takes advantage of the situation by having a quick oral session with Toby. Initially, he whips out his big hard cock for Toby to suck; but being a cocksucker at heart, he soon has Toby's meat in his cocksucker mouth. He spits and drools lasciviously on Toby's 9-inch tool, slobbering up and down the length of the shaft. The scene ends with Shane rolled back on his neck with Larry's face buried in his butt, licking and sucking Shane's crotch, coaxing out the giant load that shoots into Shane's open mouth.

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