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Video Description: Hot House Exclusives Francesco D'Macho and Ty LeBeouf find each other cruising in a deserted alley. D'Macho stands against a wall, massaging his fat cock through his jeans while LeBeouf works his own tool in the front seat of his car. They come together, strip down to their jocks and pull out their cocks. D'Macho pushes LeBeouf down onto his enormous uncut meat. After a good face-fucking, LeBeouf stands up and shoves his hard cock down D'Macho's eager throat. Next he moves over to D'Macho's ass and fucks him hard. Then it's D'Macho's turn to fuck LeBeouf's hole. The chiseled hunks move over to an abandon car seat and jack off until they both blow their loads all over the filthy alley.

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