Jimmy Durano And Trenton Ducati

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Video Description: Hot House celebrates our 100th show by bringing in the big guns, Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati, 2013 Performers of the Year! Winning the award together was especially meaningful for them both because Jimmy discovered Trenton and got him cast in his first scene, with Jimmy, 2 years ago. Today they're both at the top of the heap and remain very close friends so the mood was light as they took playful jabs at each other while chatting with the live viewers. As soon as the clothes come off Trenton gets on all fours with his big muscle-butt in the air so Jimmy can poke and prod him with his tongue and a dildo. Of course Jimmy, being the industry's #1 top, mounts Trenton and shoves his thick Latin cock deep in his tight hole. They show off their muscles, suck and fuck and even get to have cake at the end! Now that's a party!

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