James Ryder and Tate Ryder

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Video Description: James Ryder and Tate Ryder prove they like to give it as well as take it up the ass in a hot flip-flop fuck session on the Hot House Live set. Both Ryders are Hot House favorites. James, a 21 year old stud with tattoos and a huge perfect cock and Tate, a hot Aussie with gorgeous green eyes, a big dick and an amazing bubble-butt star in the Hot House leather flick The Dom. Tate wastes no time getting his thick lips wrapped around James' dick then stands up so James can suck him off. When Tate takes a taste of James' hot ass you think he's going to top him; but he surprises everyone by being the first to offer up his ass for the taking. As soon as James pulls out Tate steps up and fucks James. It's a win-win for everyone!

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