Hot To Trot

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Video Description: Drew Dornan and Cody Whiler emerge from the shower ready for a hot, sweaty fuck. Dornan feasts on Whiler's thick cock while his own grows in (great) length, hands free. Dornan stands to stretch, and to give Whiler a chance at his glorious rod and after a brief suck, he dives into Dornan's ass. Dornan squats over Whiler, dipping his stick and dropping his nuts into Whiler's commendable mouth while Whiler jams a finger up his partner's ass. Dornan's ready for more than a finger and his eyes roll back into his head as he sits on Whiler's throbbing cock. Whiler gets a taste of his own medicine when Dornan flips him over for a little flop. Whiler shoots an amazing load, hitting his own face as Dornan fucks the cum out of him.

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