High Voltage

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Video Description: Anxious for a high voltage hook-up, Fabio Stallone is quick to interface with hunky Lawson Kane. The stocky stallion tweaks his partner's tits as they kiss and grope with little resistance. Lawson sucks Fabio's thick uncut cock, letting his lips tug on the fleshy excess capping the mushroom tip. They suck face again and then Fabio goes down to gobble up and deep throat his buddy's humongous dick. Lawson realigns himself behind his bearded hunk and then quickly inserts his tongue into Fabio's hole. A sexual charge courses through them both. Fabio then rides Lawson's cock while sitting snug in his lap; his own swollen dick swings wildly as he bounces up and down. They continue fucking as Lawson stands behind driving his cock deep inside Fabio's asshole. Lawson pulls out and jacks off until he shoots, and Fabio jerks off and showers Lawson's mug with his jizz.