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Video Description: Sam Carson is reading a magazine on one end of the sofa while Rick Drake is trying to catch some z's on the other. When Carson's foot accidently rubs against Drakes crotch, the sparks fly. At first Drake resists - but nobody is THAT tired. He licks his way up Carson's left leg until he has his third one in his hot mouth. Why do redheads always have such big dicks? Don't ask Drake, cause his mouth is full, and getting fuller. Drake turns out to be a nasty pig, flipping carson's legs up in the air so he can devour his ass. Then it's time for an intense 69 session so both men can get their fill of cock and ass. Finally Drake jumps on top of Carson's rock hard cock and pumps it with his ass. . . determined to get every drop of cum out of Carson's fat nuts.

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