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From: Descent
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Video Description: Next up, Shaw finds himself lying in a bed on the receiving end of a wet blowjob by the gorgeous Marcus Iron, who does a superb job of slobbering over Shaw's prick. There's some passionate, heated kissing that follows, as the two men engage in some lovely, tender play, followed by more cocksucking from Iron, who lies on his back while Shaw face-fucks him as he reaches back to toy with Iron's hole. It's not long before Iron's legs are up in the air, as Shaw climbs in between them and slides his fat prick into Iron's chute. With a look of absolute bliss on his face, Iron receives his ass-reaming like a pro, stroking himself all the while as Shaw holds his leg up in the air. After a bit, the two lovers return to oral play, each taking turns sucking on each other's pricks before they get back to the fucking, with Iron sitting down on Shaw's cock and shooting a load all over the cocky Brit's chest. Soon after Shaw's seed joins Iron's as he spews copious amount of jizz onto himself. The two men then embrace as the scene fades to black. Shaw's surreal journey continues as he next finds himself alone in an empty room while Iron watches him on a video monitor, stroking his cock to the site of Shaw knocking over a chair. As Shaw locates the camera, Iron shoots another load.

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