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Video Description: Subservient cock worshipers C.J. Knight and Max Schutler are on their knees before horse-hung masters Nickolay Petrov and Marko Hansom. The tops remove their leather cod pieces to reveal enormous erections that the eager suck monsters greedily suck to the base. Petrov and Hansom direct their sex slaves to please each other, pushing Schutler's face deep into Knight's bubble-butt. With Knight's asshole lubed in spit, Petrov steps up to shove his massive tool deep into the twitching hole. Schutler sucks Knights cock while Petrov pounds his ass. Petrov surrenders Knight's hole to Hansom and turns his attention to Schulter. Next the two tops order Schutler and Knight to sit down on their rock hard cocks. They push themselves up and down, fucking themselves with their partners' ramrods. Schutler thrusts himself down onto Hansom's cock and furiously jacks off, blowing his load and eating it off his own hand. Knight is next, leaving a puddle of thick white cum on the floor beneath him. The tops finally blow, shooting streams of hot spew on the two spent studs below.

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