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Video Description: Dallas Taylor loves to make his bottom boys squirm with pleasure and you can tell he has had some practice. The beautifully masculine Beau Saxon is squirming on his back as Dallas works his oral skills, up and down the shaft and all the way around the nuts to the puckering hole. Beau scoots around to reciprocate in 69, finding out that his ass is in for a total stretching by Dallas' insanely huge too. He sticks his bubble butt up straight up in the air and waits for it. Dallas is right on that hole, priming it with his tongue. Finally he sticks it in and tears the bottom stud's ass up doggie style. Even Beau looks a little worried at first as his ring is stretched out to fit the thick chunk of meat being stuffed inside him from behind; but, of course, he takes it like a pro. Dallas flips him over and fucks him missionary for a while, then puts him back onto his stomach and pounds him into the sheets. The both get up and face each other and within a few strokes Beau is spilling his seed across the bed. Dallas grabs Beau's hand and fills his up with one of the biggest loads ever caught on film! Beau lifts his cupped hand to Dallas' mouth and he laps it up as it spills over the palm and drips on them both.

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