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Video Description: Muscled, super-hairy sex god Zak Spears is pushing face with smooth stud Claude Jourdan on a bed as photographers take pictures of the two. Zak moves down and as he completely swallows Claude's cock, his partner starts piston-fucking into his deep, wet throat. Then its Zak's turn to lay back and fill Claude's mouth with his big dick while he reaches over and slaps the boy's smooth ass. He squats over Claude's face and gets his ass chewed on for a minute before he decides to take up pounding his prick into Claude's anxious butthole. Claude is the luckiest man alive as Zak fucks him from every direction- flat on his stomach, from the side 'scissor style,' like a beast hanging off the bed, and missionary position. Finally they can't hold off any more and they both blow all over Claude's smooth belly and chest.

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