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Video Description: After making him cover the blackboard with 'I will not play with myself in class,' Jack Tower bends his student (Scott Baldwin) over the desk and paddles his huge, round ass with a ruler. But he can think of a more appropriate punishment for the unremorseful jock boy. He grabs his cock from behind and starts stroking it. Hungry for a taste of that big mushroom head, he turns Scott around and gets himself a mouthful. But that's not enough for Jack. He stands up, throws Scott onto the desk and grabs a taste of his meaty ass before he stuffs his big daddy dick in. But suddenly Scott jumps on top and pounds his meat into Jack's ass to teach him a lesson of his own. He pulls out and shoots his load first - right on his teacher's nuts! Jack gets ready to cum and shoots an out of control blast of jizz all over them both.

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