Another Man's Pleasure

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Video Description: Mike Nicholos builds a fire and lays down on a bear skin rug for a quiet evening alone with his giant cock. He kneads the bulge in his jeans until he can't stand it; then he tears them open, pulling out his shaft and stroking it to a full 10+ inches. Peter Bishop shows up to help his buddy out. Bishop teases Nichols with his muscular, perfect round ass, which Nichols slaps and mock-fucks through Bishop's long underwear. Nichols gets the boy's ass exposed and begins to tease it, slapping it with his rock hard monster. Bishop sits on Nichol's face, his ass puckering while Nichols licks it. Bishop starts to deep throat Nichols and gags - but he doesn't stop, eventually taking the whole bone down to the balls. Now both men are ready for the fuck of a lifetime - and get it. They move from the floor to a nearby rocking chair, where Nichols sits and Bishop straddles, one leg on each arm. He holds on to the back of the chair, causing each thrust of Nichol's tool to go deeper into his ass. Finally Nichols throws Bishop on the floor and nails him until he pulls out and drowns Bishop in a pool of cum.

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