Angelo and Trenton Ducati

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Video Description: Muscular hunks Angelo and Trenton Ducati reveal a lot more than their rock-hard bodies and huge cocks in their live show. Angelo, an import from Bel Ami, tells us that Trenton was his first scene partner in the USA. He also reveals that this live show will be his final performance before returning home to the Czech Republic, making Trenton his last US scene partner as well. The reunion heats up immediately as both studs strip out of their clothes to reveal giant hardons. After some mutual muscle worship and cock sucking Angelo flips Trenton over to give him a farewell fuck. Angelo pulls out and they take turns helping each other out. Trenton jacks off and blows then sticks his finger up Angelo's ass while he beats off then shoots his load all over his buddy's chest. That's quite a send off!

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