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  • : 01/01/2007 |
  • : 19:16 min |
  • : 4169
Hot House Video

Scene Info

Screw opens right to the point with Hot House Exclusive Collin O'Neal and Kent Larson flicking their tongues into their mouths and making out like dogs in heat. In no time at all Collin goes down on the big hoss, slobbering on his pole then spinning him around so he can eat his perfect round muscle butt. They swap positions and Kent kneels to return the service, greedily sucking down all of Collin's infamous meat. The camera puts you right under Kent's huge ass, framed by a jockstrap, which he pushes out in anticipation of the torrid fuck that's brewing. Wait 'till you get a peek at the size of his ass! This monster butt finally straddles Collin's cock and rides it in a reverse cowboy position that keeps Kent's rock-hard cock bouncing left and right like a metronome. Then Collin flips the giant over on his back and nails him to the floor. He fucks the cum out of Kent's cock then shoots another infamous O'Neal cumshot up and over Kent's head! The sight of these two gods furiously bucking and fucking is expertly captured and always keeps your eye on the point: Collin's cock in Kent's ass.

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Screw 1: Right To The Point

: 01:49:12
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Updated on : 01-01-2007

Categories : Anal Sex, Ass Shot, Big Cock, Buttplay, Cumshot, Fisting, Group Sex, Hairy, Interracial, Jockstrap

Starring : Alex Collack, Collin O'Neal, Dillon Press, Joey Harden, Joshua Adams, Kent Larson, Mario Ortiz, Owen Hawk, Tag Adams, Tony Serrano

Fuck the remote! Get right to the point with Screw, one of this year's biggest megahits from Steven Scarborough and Hot House Video. Starring Hot House Exclusives Collin O'Neal and Alex Collack, Screw is packed from beginning to end with non-stop action and no filler. This Hardcore Director's Cut Two-Disc Set is only available at So, fuck your remote! You won't need it when you get Screw: Right to the Point!