The Missing

Video Description: Kent North regains consciousness in a holding cell somewhere in the compound; he's restrained in a full bodybag - but Rod Barry removes his hood and makes him suck Shane Rollins' fat dick. In the background Trevor Knight sticks all 11 inches of his rock hard prick up the big ass of Dean Tucker, another new addition to the compound. Nick Piston shoves his fat club in Dean's mouth, growling with his gravelly, sexy voice. The two fuck Dean from both ends while Barry unzips Kent from his bag and puts him into full service. The hazing is a torrent of insults as the new recruits choke on the giant cocks and gasp for air through their pinched noses. Next, the studs lineup to gangbang Kent, fucking their new toy without mercy and causing Kent's body to shudder from misuse. Dean is next as Trevor and Rod rip him a new asshole with a savage double- penetration followed by an enormous black dildo. The scene ends in an explosive release of boiling hot cumshots just as The Abductor suddenly appears on the scene, collaring Kent, and ordering him to be brought to dinner as his slave.

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