Skuff 2: Downright Filthy

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Video Description: Adorable, rough and ready Hot House Exclusive Dick Wolf and tattooed muscular porn legend Jacob Scott take role play to a new level in Scene Three. Scott assumes the role of Master as Wolf literally becomes a Human Dog-man - - never speaking one word, never making one human sound, never using his hands, never standing erect (except for his cock!) Wolf, on all fours with a chain around his neck and a dog-tail butt-plug in his ass, demonstrates how a well-trained dog-man can keep his owner happy. Wagging his tail, Wolf sniffs Scott's huge cock and low-hanging balls like a beast in heat. Only when given the okay by his Master does Wolf take Scott's huge cock into his mouth and suck it. Scott tenderly explores his dog-man's hole and fucks him long and hard. Eager to obey every command, Wolf mounts his Master and fucks him with his 'doggy bone' as ordered.

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