Ram Tough

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Video Description: Co-workers Alex Collack and Shane Rollins have some plumbing to fix. Collack checks out the situation under the sink while Rollins checks out Collack's chiseled upper body. Collack's amazing washboard stomach gets Rollins' dick hard and when Collack asks for a wrench, Rollins slaps his fat, 9+ inch cock in his co-worker's hand instead. That's the tool Collack really wanted - and he proves it by taking it deep down his masculine, muscled throat. Now both men are out of their overalls and Collack throws Rollins up on the counter to get a good grip on his cock and explore his round, ripe ass with his tongue. Rollins begs the Russian sex-machine Collack to fuck his ass with the huge uncut, rock hard cock. Collack drive his rod deep into Rollin's perfect ass long and hard, until Rollins orders him to pull out and sit down on his fat pole. Collack takes over and rides Rollins like a skilled jockey, squeezing his world-class ass muscles like a vice around Rollin's giant cock. Rollins shoves his cock back into Collack's ass and jacks him off, edging Collack until he shoots an incredible load! Rollins immediately pulls out and shoots his white-hot load, covering Collack in pools of cum.

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