One Man's Poison

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Video Description: Beau Saxon operates the elevator in a downtown high rise. When Stephan Bertoli and David Logan step on as passengers, things really begin to get a lift! First Logan approaches Saxon and they undress, revealing two perfectly sculpted hard bodies. Bertoli fondles himself as he watches from the corner of the elevator. When Saxon pulls Logan's fat uncut cock out of his briefs we see that Bertoli has also undressed and is frantically jacking off, watching Logan intensely fuck Saxon's face. When Saxon bends over to eat Logan's ass, Bertoli kneels down to taste Saxon's bubble-butt. David throws Beau over his chair and pummels his ass while Stephan watches, stroking his giant meat until he drains his nuts all over the elevator floor. Logan pulls out and shoots all over Saxon's back and the ride is over.

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