On The Mark

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Video Description: Mustached stud Donnie Russo and a buddy are plumbers working on the water pipes when Dave Logan barges in demanding that they turn the water back on so that he can finish his shower. Grabbing Logan, Russo rubs the cheeky stud's face all over his sweaty chest, barking, 'You want a fuckin' shower? Here's your shower.' Russo then forces Logan onto his knees and whips his dick out. After ordering his buddy to go wait in the truck, Russo face-fucks Logan, whose big cock is throbbing from the excitement. 'I wanna hear you gag on it,' Russo croons. Eventually, Russo gets Logan to tongue his hole, and Logan readily obliges. Logan does a great job of tonguing and fingering Russo's hole before he stands up and replaces those digits with his thick cock. Russo is in hog heaven as he bends over to take Logan's cock, his own prick bouncing up and down with each thrust of Logan's tool. 'Slam it in me, man!' he shouts. Before long, Russo ends up on his back as Logan continues the ass-reaming, pumping away until Russo unloads with a geyser of milky-white cum all over his chest and face. Logan is quick to follow, his own juice spewing from him and landing on Russo's abs. Afterward, Logan chats about being a shy, quiet guy with a high sex drive who likes to be bossed around by other guys.

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