On The Mark

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Video Description: Hairy Adonis Zak Spears talks of becoming a building contractor who'd like to build dungeons - and his fondness for eating ass. He gets to prove it in scene 2 when he's paired up with the handsome Tyler Scott. Zak spreads Tyler's cheeks and invades his hole with his tongue, lapping away like a greedy pig. Spears bites on Scott's ass cheeks and sucks his cock from behind, then Scott flips over so Spears can swallow his prick. Then Zak lies back to have his tool worked on. With Scott lying on his back, Spears feeds his prick into the other man's open mouth. Spears downshifts into high gear and orders Scott to fuck him from behind, barking at him 'fuck me harder, little pansy!' Scott flips Spears over onto his back, then re-enters him, thrusting in and out of Zak's gorgeous, hairy hole until the cum starts to fly. Spears is the first one to come, shooting a hot sticky load onto his furry chest before Scott lets loose with a load of his own.

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