On The Mark

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Video Description: After talking about his experience breaking into the XXX-business (he piggybacked into a movie his boyfriend was scheduled to shoot), studly hottie Jake Andrews gets fired up when he's paired up with porn legend Aiden Shaw. After some tender kissing, Andrews slides down Shaw's body and works on the famous Brit's extra-thick cock, chewing through his briefs before Shaw frees it. Shaw grabs Andrews' head and guides his open mouth onto the entire length of his tool. The two men return to kissing, mutually stroking their cocks, which gets Jake's butt primed and ready for action. As they go at it, Shaw teases Andrews' hole with his meaty, monster-like cock, then flips Andrews over and pushes it into his waiting cavern. Andrews takes every bit of the assault, burying his face into his pillow as Shaw screws him down good, eventually laying on top of Andrews and kissing him from behind as he slides his cock inside him. Shaw then flips Andrews over and takes him in a new position, holding Andrews' legs in the air while he plugs away. The two men kiss again before Shaw pulls back to shoot his monster load onto Andrews' cock and balls. Jake then unloads with a sizeable load of his own while Aiden licks his balls.

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