Manhunt 2

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Video Description: Alex Fuerte plays a GreedyHole who doesn't get enough hands on experience as a trained CMT - he has to also offer free massages to the finest men on Fuerte is clearly excited when his first freebie of the day turns out to be Robert Van Damme, who is even more of a hunk in person than he looks online. A simple rub down turns into a steamy, athletic event when Fuerte bends over and licks Van Damme's ass. These two chiseled studs put the massage table to the test, swapping blowjobs until Van Damme throws Fuerte on his back and fucks his lights out. Fuerte licks Van Damme's nutsack, causing him to blow his load. Refreshed and relaxed, Van Damme leaves for work. Proving to be a truly GreedyHole, Fuerte goes back to to find even more men...

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