Manhunt 1

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Video Description: Everybody's favorite hairy muscle stud Collin O'Neal snags himself a nice smooth jockboy to skewer for some afternoon delight. Andrew gets right onto Collin's thick piece, swallowing the whole thing and hungrily tonguing his swollen head and nuts. Once Collin is thoroughly wound up he turns Andrew around and chows down on his smooth bubble butt. But a taste is never enough, so Collin buries his big, mean chunk of meat into the boy's tight, pink hole. At first it seems like the nine inch dick is just too much for Andrew, but not for long. He climbs up on top of ripped, furry O'Neal and rides that huge dick like a pro. By now the two have themselves worked into a sweaty fury and Collin throws Andrew on his back and pummels his hole with his legs all the way back by his ears until they both cum fat white loads across Andrew's six pack abs.

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