Locker Room

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Video Description: Wholesome Derrek Diamond and all-American Slade sneak into the bathroom stall to get it on. Suddenly large cock Ethan Wolfe comes in and spies them through a glory hole in the stall wall. One look at Wolfe's shlong coming at them through the wall and both clean-cut cruisers can't wait to get it in their mouths. Soon Diamond gets on his knees to suck both whoppers until the horny tops notice his fat bubble butt. Slade steps up to bat first, fucking Diamond's hole while Wolfe feeds him his cock. Slade drains his monster and leaves, allowing Wolfe to take a turn at Diamond's ass. Can Diamond take all 10x7 inches of Wolfe's legendary cock? Watch the full XXX scene, live now exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!

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