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Video Description: 18 months later, Toby meets with the parole board (Hot House Exclusive Marco Paris, Marc Williams, Duke Michaels, and Parker Williams) who decide to let him out early with one condition - a piece of his hot ass. This scene is packed with Olympian bodybuilder muscles and dicks straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing. The multi-racial line up pull out their giant cocks for Shane to blow. Even the bailiff joins in on the action, bending Shane over so he can eat his plump round butt. Shane, meanwhile, bobs his head back and forth between the two enormous cocks between the legs of Marc Williams and Duke Michaels - and we're talking double-digit inches here. Before long, Shane climbs up on top of Duke and starts to ride while Marco, taking it in the ass from the black stallion, busies his mouth on Parker's meaty prick. This final orgy goes on for nearly half an hour, with Scarborough's trademark non-stop action packed with savage, back-breaking fucking, sucking, and dumping.

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