Kiss Lick Suck Fuck

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Video Description: To fuck or to be fucked, that is the question. In this case the answer is pretty clear; Chris Tyler needs to be fucked so bad his ass is twitching. Tate Ryder sees the horny young muscle-stud bent over with his ass in the air and it's on! Tate pulls out his rock hard cock and immediately shoves it deep in Chris' hole. The horse-hung Aussie power-fucks Chris hard, using his own spit for lube. Tate shoves Chris out of the way and lies back with his hardon standing straight up in the air. Chris hops on and fucks himself with Tate's cock in a wild reverse-cowboy while he jacks off. Tate keeps spitting and pumping Chris' ass like a madman until he's ready to cum. He stands up and forces the young pig-bottom to suck his big dick and he shoots all over Chris' chest. Thoroughly fucked in the ass and the face, Chris kicks back and beats off to drain a load out of his own giant nuts.

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