Butch Alley

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Video Description: Hot House Exclusives Nick Piston and Enzo Grimaldi converge on well-hung Hot House favorite Thom Barron and throw him down on the flatbed of his truck. Grimaldi deep throat's Barron's gigantic rod while Piston slobbers on Barron's balls and ass. The men get rock hard immediately and fall into a three-way fuck, Piston plowing Barron who fucks Grimaldi. Middle-man Barron does most of the work with each thrust of his hips massaging Piston's fat cock and filling Grimaldi's deep hole. Piston wants a piece of Grimaldi too, so he fucks his ass and sucks Barron's cock at the same time. Braeden Casey stumbles upon the action and jumps butt-first onto Barron's world-class cock. Casey and Grimaldi prove to be dedicated bottoms when they straddle their tops and bounce up and down on their fat cocks using the roll-bar of the truck for leverage. The athletic feat works and all four cocks are rock hard and close to exploding. Piston, Barron and Grimaldi stand jacking off over Casey. All three blow hot white spunk all over Casey's chest as Casey shoots his load, leaving him drenched in cum.

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