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One Man's Poison, Scene #02

One Man's Poison, Scene #02

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Joey Stefano reenacts his famous solo performance on stage for a mysterious figure sitting alone in the audience. The spotlight makes his famous round, muscular ass glow as he fingers it, staring seductively at the camera. Living up to his reputation for serious dildo action, Stefano pulls out a nice 8-incher and rides it, soon replacing it with a much fatter, heftier 9+. The look on his face turns serious as he repeatedly pulls the dildo completely out of his ass and shoves it back in again. All of the teasing from the stage is having quite an effect on the mysterious audience member who reveals a huge, fat cock that can only belong to Tony Hampton. Stefano invites Hampton to the stage and eagerly swallows his big fat cock with his hungry hole. Stefano blows a load, but Hampton has just begun, flipping Stefano over and fucking his throat. Joey slurps on Tony's fat nut sack until he shoots all over Joey's chest and stomach.