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Blue, Scene #01

Blue, Scene #01

  • : 05-12-2007 |
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Tattooed matinee idol Tamas Eszrterhazy opens his mouth really wide to accommodate the two giant dicks in front of him (Arpad Miklos and Gabriel Sinclair). As the two tops get worked up from his wet, greedy mouth, they move him on his back so they can attack his beautifully inked butt. Gabriel steps up for the first ride, pile-driving Tamas with his ferocious latin 9-incher, opening up his hole real good for Arpad. Arpad flips him onto his knees and slams that infamous 10-inch pole in and out with gusto - but Tamas takes it like a pro. They throw him down on the floor where Tamas pulls his legs back and shows off his used hole. Arpad mounts him and fucks like a champ as the sweaty trio starts to pop their loads one by one, covering Tamas with hot spunk.

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