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True Stories, Scene #01

True Stories, Scene #01

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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When sexy Brit Claude Jourdan shows up at Cliff Parker's house to return a lost wallet, he encounters Parker and his lover Sean Davis. They end up in the bedroom, where Davis fishes Jourdan's cock out of his shorts and begins sucking on it while Jourdan and Parker kiss. Soon, Jourdan is lying on the bed with Parker slobbering on his tool while he services Davis' meat. Next, Davis crawls down between Jourdan's legs and rims him while Jourdan slurps on Parker's cock. The men switch so that Parker can suck on Davis's tool and then kiss his lover while Jourdan rims his tight furry hole. Flipping Jourdan over onto his back, Parker and Davis take turns plowing his hole. Finally, both Parker and Davis shoot massive loads all over Jourdan, who looks like he's in heaven as torrents of cum rain down on his sweaty torso. When it's his turn to shoot, Davis jerks him off so that he can spray his jizz all over Parker's beautiful bubble butt.