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Hard Time, Scene #01

Hard Time, Scene #01

  • : 12-16-2013 |
  • : 18:36 min |
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Starring: JP Dubois, Sam Barclay
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As soon as the officer on duty heads off to make his rounds Sam Barclay reaches for JP Dubois' huge uncut cock. JP puts up a fight at first but as soon as he feels Sam's hot mouth on his thick meaty dick he can't resist. Soon both inmates are naked and JP has backed his juicy bubble-butt up against the bars so Sam can get his tongue in there and lube him up in preparation for his big cock. Sam takes his rock hard cock, shoves it deep in JP's ass, and power-fucks him while JP strokes his hefty cock. JP rolls over and opens his hole even wider so Sam can continue to fuck him through the cell bars. Both sexy prisoners stroke their giant uncut cocks and blow thick white loads.

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