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Verboten 2, Scene #03

Verboten 2, Scene #03

  • : 12-17-2007 |
  • : 13:37 min |
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Two of the most chiseled muscle-men to ever play at the Verboten sex club come together when Romario Faria finds Francesco D'Macho in a cage begging for cock. Faria pulls off his leather jock to free his mammoth meat and teases D'Macho through the bars. Romario fucks his face then pulls a key from his boot and releases D'Macho so he can fuck his ass. D'Macho's huge Italian sausage grows harder as Faria pounds his hole until Faria pulls out and jacks off, literally covering D'Macho's face in cum. Faria throws the used condom at D'Macho and walks away, leaving D'Macho to sit and work a load out of his own cock then crawl back into the cage, lock it, and wait for more...

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