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Skuff 4: Downright Fierce, Scene #04

Skuff 4: Downright Fierce, Scene #04

  • : 04-27-2009 |
  • : 20:01 min |
  • : 8 |
  • Views : 3084
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Race Cooper leans on his Harley down a deserted alley, his chiseled torso glowing in the moonlight. Innocent looking cruiser Derrek Diamond sees him and approaches with caution. Cooper removes his thick leather collar and secures it on Diamond, making him is willing submissive. After forcing his thick cock down Diamond's throat he leans him over and dives into his fat round ass. With his hole wet and ready, Diamond leans on a lamppost to receive Cooper's rod. Hungry for more fucking, Diamond retrieves a mattress from a pile of deris and lies down so Cooper can pound him harder. Cooper turns his attention to Diamond's huge cock, sucking it all the way to the base then climbs back on to fuck him until he cums.