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Trunks 3, Scene #03

Trunks 3, Scene #03

  • : 05-28-2007 |
  • : 19:29 min |
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Starring: RC Ryan, Trent Atkins
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Trent Atkins and R.C. Ryan are hanging out by the pool talking about sports and stroking their cocks through their trunks. All they are really interested in though is what the other is packing - so they pull out their meat and start to show off. Trent stops jacking his own rock hard cock to fall on his knees and take R.C.'s long fat ramrod deep down his throat. R.C. returns the favor, expertly and relentlessly sucking Trent's hefty cock to the base. With a nod R.C. coaxes Trent over to a nearby table where he pushes him over and fucks his ass. R.C. shows amazing stamina as he pumps his 9+ inches in and out of Trent's tight hole until Trent explodes. As instructed, R.C. pulls out and shoots his man juice all over Trent's stomach.

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