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Hair Color : Dark brown

Eye Color : Brown

Cock : 8"

Height : 5'7"

Foreskin : Cut

Position : Bottom

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Magnums, Scene #03

Magnums, Scene #03

  • : 02-20-2017 |
  • : 19:58 min |
  • : 15 |
  • Views : 414
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Pierre Fitch and Sebastian Kross are covered in hot tatts. They aim to tease each other, fondling their cocks and caressing their muscles, showing off their junk and hot muscle buns. It's a mutual jack-off at ten paces until Pierre crosses over to suck Sebastian. These guys are smooth and sleek, with rippling muscles and skin that glows. Sebastian pulls Pierre in for a kiss, licking the taste of his cock off Pierre's lips. Pierre gets a slurpy blow job in return. Pierre's bubble butt provides dessert, offering temptations for Sebastian's tongue and a warm sheath for his cock. Sebastian slaps Pierre's flanks while he fucks him doggy style, getting vocal encouragement from Pierre to pound him harder. A vertical flip, and Pierre is on his back, his legs spread so wide that Sebastian's insistent cock leaves no millimeter behind. Pierre still screams to be fucked harder, Sebastian grabs him by the throat, and the sudden loss of oxygen triggers Pierre's nuts to shoot their load. Sebastian palms Pierre's balls and coats them in sperm.

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Magnums, Scene #01

Magnums, Scene #01

  • : 12-26-2016 |
  • : 23:01 min |
  • : 19 |
  • Views : 631
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Jaw-dropping Pierre Fitch and show-stopping Brent Corrigan are two of the biggest stars to ever appear in gay porn. In this meeting of mega-stars -- a decade in the making -- these porn icons suck, rim and fuck as if they'll never have sex again and reveling in their long-overdue meeting. Smooth, clean-shaven, and in elite physical condition, both sport tight, black jock straps, and they simply can't get enough of one another. Plunging tongues down throats with passion, masterfully handling dicks, and expertly devouring cocks are just a few of these celebrities' talents. The kissing and cock sucking turns into deep, wet rimming, which leads to powerhouse fucking. A historic romp of epic proportions requires a flip-fuck, and horned-up Pierre and Brent deliver. First, Pierre finally savors Brent's meaty cock in his ass, taking it in doggy and missionary positions. Having the long-awaited cock in his ass, Pierre can't wait to drive his rock-hard, thick cock deep into Brent from behind, and it's clear that Brent has anticipated this moment, because he takes it like the champ he is. As the energy of this perfect match-up builds, both of them reach the bursting point and unload hefty shots of cum onto Pierre's torso.

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