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Hot To Trot, Scene #05

Hot To Trot, Scene #05

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Hot House Video

There are some tender hot dogs grilling on the patio when Jacob Scott and Michael Rivera have a cookout. Scott does snorkeling off the Cuban Rivera, then goes tongue diving in the fertile reef that is Rivera's ass. Walking by, Rod Barry notices Rivera's legs in the air and stops by to check in on the action. Barry lends Scott some of the precious air stored in his balls, then hands his tool over to Rivera who deep-throats the 9-inch charmer. Jacob Scott bends over to get the attention of Barry, who is more than happy to fuck him up the ass. Rivera takes the back end, licking Barry's hole clean. Rivera takes a break to suck Jacob Scott's cock, and Barry bangs him from behind. The three shoot their loads into the air, Rivera in the process.

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