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Anal Sex, Cumshot, Rimming, Tattoos

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One Man's Poison, Scene #01

One Man's Poison, Scene #01

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Categories: Anal Sex, Rimming, Tattoos, Cumshot
Starring: Doug Forbes, Mike Lamas
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There's nothing like a hot Summer night to bring out the wild side of a man. When Doug Forbes and Mike Lamas cross paths in a dark alley, their cocks rise along with the temperature. The two sweat-covered hunks waste no time getting undressed. Forbes goes in on Lamas' ass, spitting in his hole and eating it out like a ripe Georgia peach. Judging form his rock hard cock, Lamas enjoys the anal attention and he obligingly bends over to take every inch of Forbes' mammoth tool. Sweat and precum fly as Forbes fucks Lamas, using the brick wall as leverage to drive his cock deeper in his hole. They both shoot their wads, covering Lamas with hot jizz, leaving him sticky and exhausted in the gutter.