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One Man's Poison, Scene #04

One Man's Poison, Scene #04

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Starring: Brad Hunt, Max Holden
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Brad Hunt's interview is interrupted by a surprise special delivery from the U.S. Male. He opens the package and the contents spill out onto the floor: Max Holden. Holden falls to his knees to worship the bulge growing in Hunt's long johns, pulling them down to reveal Hunt's classic man-rammer, rock hard and ready for action. Holden does an excellent job, taking it to the base. Next we find Holden with his giant, hairless ass up in the air begging for Hunt's fat cock. Hunt preps the hole by nearly shoving his entire fist inside, but that's nothing compared to the cock that's soon to follow. Hunt forces Holden's head down into the pillows of the couch as he mercilessly fucks him, driving his dick deeper and deeper into Holden's hole. Holden takes it, and even begs for more 'Plow my ass - deeper - tear me up!' Hunt does as instructed until his powerful thrusts cause them to fall to the floor and they shoot their loads in unison all over Holden's incredible six-pack.