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Tools Of The Trade, Scene #03

Tools Of The Trade, Scene #03

  • : 10-22-2012 |
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Spencer Reed tells Justin Beal that he calls the shots around the job site and can do whatever he wants, like sucking Beal's fat cock. Reed takes a hit off his cigarette and wraps his mouth around Justin's big cock. When he pulls back he exhales a puff of smoke - now that's a hot blow job! They take turns sucking each other's cocks until Reed wants to taste Beal's ass. He throws the young hunk over a table to smack and lick his hole. After ordering Beal to finger-fuck himself Reed shoves his fat cock up Beal's ass and fucks him hard. Reed forces Beal over on his shoulders so he can mount him and get his cock all the way in his hole. They fuck like crazed animals until Reed pulls out and shoots, followed by Beal who explodes a thick stream of hot white cum.

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