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The Road Home, Scene #03

The Road Home, Scene #03

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Meanwhile, out by the shed, Bradshaw is keeping himself occupied with his good buddy Jordan West, who's down on his knees in the grass with Bradshaw's cock lodged in his throat. After slobbering over Bradshaw's cock, West then focuses his oral attentions on Bradshaw's smooth, rosy ass. 'Yeah, eat my ass,' Bradshaw groans, rubbing West's chest. Bradshaw then returns the favor, working his mouth up and down West's tool for a spell before turning him around so he can rim and finger West's slightly fuzzy hole. West cries his appreciation all the while, especially when Bradshaw plugs that hole up with his dick. 'You got a sweet ass,' Bradshaw says, to which West happily replies, 'You know how to ride it.' Bradshaw keeps it up, sliding his cock in an out of West's hole, flipping West over onto his back. 'Come on, shoot that load!' West shouts, and Bradshaw does just that, his cum exploding out of his cock and landing all over West's chest and face. Obviously taught by his mother how to clean off his plate, Bradshaw bends over and licks his cream off West's mouth as the two bask in the summer sun.

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