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Jonny Rocks And Turk Mason, Scene #01

Jonny Rocks And Turk Mason, Scene #01

  • : 10-03-2011 |
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Starring: Turk Mason, Jonny Rocks
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Jonny Rocks and Turk Mason had never met before but Turk had seen pics of Jonny online. He says he was intimidated by the size of Jonny's cock and worried that his hole was too tight to take the whole thing. It was all a front because Turk wasted no time getting Jonny's monster out of his underwear; he wanted to see that cock in person! After an intense 69 Jonny checks out Turk's tight hole. He kicks back with his fat tool in the air so Turk can lower himself onto it at his own pace. As soon as it's in the gloves come off and Jonny fucks Turk long and hard.

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