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Screw 2: Cut To The Chase, Scene #05

Screw 2: Cut To The Chase, Scene #05

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Hot House Video

Club custodian Dason Reed needs some dick and corners Troy Punk for the goods. After some mutual cocksucking, the two get caught in the act by Collin O'Neal who orders Dason to get lost. Troy's completely cock-crazed now and Collin has to quickly whip his stiff cock out of his jeans for the boy to feast on. After a wet, spit-filled slobber session on Collin's trophy cock, Troy offers up his prized possession - his perfectly tan, perfectly round bubble butt. It's a match made in Hot House Heaven as Collin sticks it to this pup like it's the last piece of ass he's gonna see for a long time. After fucking Punk's butt out of commission, Collin stuffs him mouth one last time for one of his famous cumshots straight over his head.