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Backstage Pass, Scene #05

Backstage Pass, Scene #05

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Categories: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bondage
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Muscle-bound bottom Damon Wolf is tied to a chair with duct tape over his mouth, his ripped, sweaty torso glistening under the swinging overhead lamp. In walks his sultry captor, the super-hung, dom top Shawn Justin, who taunts and manhandles the frightened captive. Damon is untied and immediately has the thickest dick soon shoved down his throat. But Shawn is not an unsympathetic top; he sees that this makes Damon's own dick stand up and he moves in for a taste. He stuffs the bottom's jock into his mouth and bends him over the chair he was tied to. Shawn gets his hole ready with his spit, burying his face into the big musclebutt. Then he stands up and pushes his big, fat reward into the young man's quivering hole. Once he feels Damon's ass is sufficiently tore up, Shawn gets underneath and munches his ass while they both bust their nuts onto his chest.