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Justice, Scene #02

Justice, Scene #02

  • : 04-02-2007 |
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Hot House Video

The cops lock Toby up with three tattooed lowlifes (Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston, Jordan Vaughn, and Brad Star) who immediately descend on the fresh meat. The three push Toby to his knees for some mouth-filling and asshole cleaning - wait till you get a load of Hot House Discovery Jordan Vaughn's giant round ass spread for Shane's tongue. We nearly fainted from the sight of it. Clearly the boss of the gang, Piston orders the men around with his deep sexy voice. Star and Vaughn hoist Rollins' legs up in the air with his asshole pointing straight at Piston who pile-drives right down the middle of those split legs. Finally, the trio bends Shane over a bench and gangbang him from both ends until they bust their nuts all over Shane's hairy torso.

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