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Paging Dr. Finger, Scene #04

Paging Dr. Finger, Scene #04

  • : 04-14-2008 |
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Starring: Bo Dixon, Ty LeBeouf
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Ty LeBeouf welcomes new doctor Bo Dixon to the hospital when they meet in the staff locker room. The 6'4' Paul Bunyan giant rips off his scrubs exposing his he-man chest to Ty who immediately falls onto his knees. Ty worships Bo's cock, itching all the while for some much needed anal attention. Bo carries Ty to a near by break table where Ty's ass is eaten then beaten with Bo's thick anal thermometer. Ty moans and groans as Bo works over his hungry hole, stretching it out with his large cock in two different positions. Bo shoots all over Ty's big white ass after watching him eat his own copious load off the table in front of him.

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