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The Missing, Scene #03

The Missing, Scene #03

  • : 01-01-2007 |
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Kent North, Martin Mazza, and Antonio Roca are caged under the dinner table as The Abductor dines with muscle-god Tony Mecelli. The Abductor is called away midmeal, leaving Mecelli free to take advantage of the situation. He immediately releases the slaves and orders them into service, one on his boot, one on his armpits, and the other on his unbelievable 10 inch cock. Suddenly, The Abductor returns to take Kent away in a straight jacket, leaving Mecelli with the two slaves to fight over his mammoth meat. Tony takes a seat and Antonio quickly spins round to sit on the giant cock. He begins to bounce up and down, his own rock hard cock swinging to the beat like a metronome. Next, Mecelli puts Martin up on the chair and bends him over to show off his perfect round globes. Tony pumps his ass from behind and orders Mazza to suck Antonio's dick like it was his. Tony stands up to shoot his load, towering over the two slaves and, in a rare gesture of kindness, allows them to cum before recaging them.

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